Auf dem Acker 20

53859 Niederkassel

Nordrhein-Westfalen Amtsgericht Bonn  VR 9912,  17/03/2015


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We are a small group of thinkers that see the need for more alternative currencies asking the right questions.

Years before bitcoin was launched we started to think about alternative currencies which mostly operate in a very small scale that is why they are called local currencies. The Bitcoin technology gave us the opportunity to rethink the idea of local currencies on a whole new level.

The possibility to develop currencies that are easily accessible all over the world gives us a great possibility, but it also comes with a great response. Because most of the people that are working with a digital currency never met, a high level of trust is needed.

We see Solidar as a chance to embrace more and more people into the ecosystem of digital currencies. To understand better our system, please inform yourself on our website and discuss with us on the forum.


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